Protective Foam

Non crosslink polyethylene foam is a great way to protect, store and ship your goods inside cardboard boxes and many other applications as well as Removal and Furniture Trade with our Furniguard & Furnisoft foam at the bottom of this page.  Why not ask about branding your foam with your company name or logo?

Different Foam Foam Packaging Rolls For Your Packaging Needs   1mm - 4mm Jiffy Foam Stock Chart From Ipswich Packaging.









While foam is manufactured all over the world it’s only made by a handful of foam manufacturers and each manufacturer has their own branding  such as Stratocell, Polylam and Novastrat but the market is expanding and a few more foam manufacturers are coming on-line.

Buying your protective foam from Ipswich Packaging means correct advice and delivery of the right protective materials for your packing requirements.  We also offer a consultancy service due to years of understanding packaging.

This product can be printed to your specification


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