Self Seal Bubble Bags with LipIf you are unsure of the requirement you have been given or need a specific item shipped safely, branded or stored, you need to call Ipswich packaging as we understand all of this very well.  Bespoke packaging and tailored cartons or handling equipment are all specified and advice given with years of experience in the commercial, public and retail sectors.

What can we do for you?

Tell us what you need to resolve and we will give you a tailored solution, or a simple answer that best suits you.  We ensure correct specification of ours, and others products, ensuring a long and consistent supply to your customers or end users.

Packing materials from Ipswich Packaging UK Packaging SuppliersWhat do we offer?

We offer this packaging consultancy for warehouse’s, shippers, food retailers, retail boutiques, even farmers!  Our access to the packaging materials on the market, along with asking the right questions ensures that Ipswich Packaging becomes part of your business model quickly and efficiently.

What shall I do now?

Contact us for your packaging consultancy over the phone, or email us, after a quick conversation as we are very approachable and once we have your business, we know we keep our customers for many years.  Investing our time in you now will ensure a valued customer for many years.