Low Noise Sealing Tape

Just because it's low noise, doesn't mean it splits or tears easilyLow noise sealing tape is exactly what the description says.  If you need to seal boxes with a tape gun or by hand, in an office, shop or space where other people don’t want to be disturbed by the noise of the tape gun, we can supply Low noise sealing tape.


Silent release tape that is a cost effective alternative to vinyl tape.Low noise tape is the silent release tape as a cost effective alternative to vinyl tape without compromise on adhesion or durability.  Just because it’s low noise, doesn’t mean it splits or tears easily.

We also sell branded tapes and tapes with your logo on the adhesive tape.  We can price for single, bulk and palletised orders as well as the boxes and cartons to go with your vinyl tape order.

Contact us for prices for your vinyl tape.